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Engage Your Customers On Their Favourite Websites
with Social Media Marketing

If you are looking to generate new customers in droves then you need to engage your customers on their favourite and most visited websites. By doing this you are expanding your potential for income and pro-actively seeking new business rather than waiting for them to find you. The most trafficked and used websites right now are Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

By not having an active presence on these sites you are losing business on a daily basis. You need to set up a well managed and optimised social profile designed to drive leads and sales to your business on a daily basis. We have over 15 years of experience with engaging with customers and have been utilising Social Media as a platform for engagement since it’s inception. It can be frustrating and time consuming to build and manage profiles on these social media sites and that’s why we offer a managed service.Instead of you personally engaging on the social platforms we will do it on your behalf so you can stay focused on your core business success.

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Social media marketing is one of the hottest strategies online to date, without having your own social media marketing strategy in play your business is losing out on thousands of dollars of potential income. There are businesses that are just using social media marketing to generate their leads and income, without the right strategy in place you really are losing out on an unlimited income potential. Contact our web design in Sydney team to start on your social media marketing strategy today.

Using Blogs To Engage With Your Customers

Since the invention of social media and web 2.0 users have become more demanding and advanced in their use of a website. They want to see regular, fresh content produced on your site that allows them to comment on and share the content.

Traditionally you could put a website with content which was rarely updated and consumers were satisfied with the result.  This is no longer the case, they want to engage with your content and your company.  By allowing them to engage you will increase usage of your website, traffic and sales for your company.

The easiest ways to manage user engagement is through a blog, which is a simple to use management system for your site and it’s content.  As well as engaging your consumers it also keeps your content fresh and allows it to be syndicated.  Fresh content and syndication are great for Search Engine Optimisation and also for traffic!

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We have created full video tutorials to show you how to use wordpress and how to blog on wordpress to ensure that you know 100% how to successful blog. Blogging is one thing, but knowing how to use wordpress for a successful blog is another. We strive to have our clients blogging to the best of their ability in the shortest time possible. An online marketing strategy isn’t complete without a blog and blogging isn’t complete with knowing how to blog on wordpress.

RSS is a widely used format of web feeds used for content syndication. It is amongst others used to spread news and new posts on a blog. Users subscribe to RSS feeds to follow interesting information from all around the web. Users can subscribe to the feeds with many different RSS readers like Google Reader or Wordpress blogs, for example, also supports RSS feeds. They can also add feeds to their browser home page. It is a very good way to spread your information to your audience and therefore a great tool for SEO.

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